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a note from etta

Our original vision for Atelier Etta was a chef-founded art collective dedicated to expression through the languages of art, design and food. We intended to convey that through conceptual pop-up restaurants while combining our experience to offer a range of production services, however, all of that was upended with COVID-19.

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Compelled to revise our platform mid-launch, we deliberated over the future for Etta and found publication to be our best avenue to achieve our goals. Etta Zine will now exist as both an online presence and printed publication. Online content is currently up and will be growing consistently, while our first printed issue will be available in the near future. Etta Zine will feature the work of writers, photographers, designers and other creators in the universe of food, and invite chef/artists of all disciplines to submit work. It is our hope that when the world reconnects, we will be there to meet all of Etta’s new friends, to collaborate, to dream, and take on the new normal together. In the meantime, we invite you to immerse yourself in the appreciation of culinary art and design with Atelier Etta.