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a week on the goodship

by berlin reed

· Berlin Reed,cooking,cannabis

Nearly flavourless and easy to add to any dish, and with 5mg THC/mL, Goodship THC oil is a good, accessible choice for any level of cannabis connoisseur. We enjoyed it in dishes both sweet and savoury over the week.

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Goodship is certainly not the best option if you are looking to work with the complex flavour profile of cannabis, as this is virtually invisible on the palate. However, if you are just looking to add some chill vibes to your rough week, this is a great way soothe those nerves. As always, start with a low dose and wait up to an hour before taking more. Novices will likely find 1-3 mL sufficient, while some seasoned stoners may want to use 10-15mL in one go. Conveniently, there is a dropper included with the 15mL bottle, so consistent dosing is simple.The Goodship is available through SQDC, and legal dispensaries across Canada.

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