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day drinking:

dispatches from the wine aisle

By Barbara scheed

· Barbara Scheed,wine,reviews

Wine descriptions and fleeting moments on the proletariat palate

The wines this week are about escapism, fantasy, parties, enjoying yourself and forgetting the dread of life.

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Schiste Muscadet Sevre et Maine par l’Ecu 2019 19$ in change SAQ - white

Coming from the vallée de la loire in France; this biodynamic wine describes itself as a wine without chichi or tralala. Clean, salty, petroleum jelly scents, a hint of green apple that evolves into a melon body and finishes like cactus fruit, zesty liminess and a small cloud of smoke. Easy drinking, reminiscent of a pearl gala art show where you are a semi desirable plus one (your friend took pity on you and invited you because your life is in shambles) but guess what? Tonight, you're feeling yourself. You're wearing fashion, your face is beat, your waist is cinched, the wine is flowing and the night is young so bitch you ARE having fun. This is not a celebration of you or for you so the stakes are not high and no one knows your name. Flirty, laissez faire and crystal chandeliers, this wine has you dancing with fancy strangers until the end of the night.

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Le Dolmen Chinon Domaine Jaulin-Plaisantin 2017 Private Import from Rézin 23$ and change - red

This wine makes me feel like a dog on a sunny high blue-sky farm, red barns in the background and life is easy and light. My only purpose is to watch chickens, pigs, cows and sheep, roll in the mud, sleep under the sun and get my belly scratched. This hardy wine has a farm living in it and is not for the faint of heart. Bitter green hay and manure scent, ruby red and lightly effervescent; peppery fresh and with a taste of kalamata olives and stinky soft runny cheese. For me this is heaven and has me reminiscing of fancy suppers celebrating local farmers on a hot summer night in Rome. I understand if this beastly description does not sound good to you but for me its mouthwatering, gives me a slight smile and buzz that I don't want to let go of.

Fantasy wines or wine I can’t afford or access but maybe one day I will:

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Bonkers from Revel Cider 2019​

Coming from Ontario and made of cherries, strawberries, cab franc and vidal grapes; Instagram people are describing this wine as ridiculous, fruit forward watermelon gummy juice. It has me fantasizing about joining the circus with glossy red hard bonbons and burlesque bearded ladies. This week for me is all about leaving my house and stepping into a world of adventure filled with excitement, melancholy and hardship from which I will never come back. Virginia Woolf walking into the beautiful tumultuous sea. Travelling the world and dancing under the stars. Sleeping in canvas tents near the Rocky Mountains in the plains of the west. This wine has me imagining a world that can be but never will be.